What is the Doori?

Based on traditional tandoors, the Doori brings home the world of cooking on a skewer. Reaching temperatures of up to 400°C / 750°F for fast, efficient skewered cooking in the comfort of your own home, it’ll quickly become your go-to outdoor cooker!

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What makes it special?

Our unique, patented design ensures heat flows evenly around the chamber, cooking food from all angles. The skewers also heat up to cook food from the inside out without the need to rotate, resulting in juicy, succulent food and a fuss-free cooking experience!

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See what the first Doori Lovers are saying!

"Love this. The Tandoori chicken recipe it comes with is amazing. Also done koftas, lamb. Cooks wonderfully. Great addition to the outdoor kitchen."

"Well this is an amazing piece of kit. Used it every weekend since it came. Easy to use simple to light. Even roasted a full gammon joint across the top."

"I’ve used this a couple of times - once to make al pastor pork skewers and once to do Mediterranean chicken. In both cases the meat ended up wonderfully tender and with nicely charred edges. The oven itself is well made with sturdy materials and the skewer design is great - the handles don’t get hot and there is plenty of room for lots of food."

"Great experience with the first cook. Easy to work with, maintains high temp. Light it and forget it. Tandoori chicken turned out great! Really happy with the purchase."

"First blast with the Doori this fine afternoon. So easy to setup and get going. Flawless, evenly cooked Tandoori chicken and Lamb Seekh Kebabs. Thank you for such a fantastic product - Cannot wait to use again!"

"Since getting my Doori about a month ago, I've used it more in that time than I have my barbecue in the last few years. The food tastes amazing, cooks so well with no burning. The heat lasts for hours and the whole thing keeps great temperature."



Not sure what to cook first? Check out our favourite recipes to give you some inspiration! From juicy Seekh kebabs and zesty seafood to classic tandoori chicken and fan-favourite Cajun chicken wings, we've got you covered no matter what you're in the mood for!

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Our Story

"We started out simply wanting to cook tandoori food at home and couldn't find anything suitable in the marketplace. After years of testing, we've realised that cooking on a skewer is so much easier, faster and more enjoyable than traditional BBQ grilling and we want the world to know this!"

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