Patented Design

Our unique, patented design ensures food cooks evenly, by dispersing heat consistently around the cooking chamber while the hot charcoal heats the skewers, allowing the food to cook from all sides and from the inside out without the need to turn the skewers. That's fuss-free cooking at it's finest!


Cooking in the Doori is a social experience, designed to be shared with friends and family! The Doori comes complete with six stainless steel skewers, each big enough to hold half a chicken. That's three whole chickens cooked at once - perfect for hosting and large gatherings!

Easy to Assemble

It's just three screws for the legs and four for the side handles and it's ready to go. We designed it to be as easy as possible so you spend less time putting it together and more time enjoying delicious food! The legs are also easy to remove for when you're taking the Doori on your travels!

Easy to Use

Simply add lit charcoal or an instant-light charcoal bag and replace the lid. While the Doori is heating up, skewer your food of choice and insert when ready. No need to stand over or turn the skewers, simply sit back, relax and let Doori do its thing until you're ready to slide the food off the skewers and enjoy!

Easy to Clean

The stainless steel skewers are easy to clean - simply unscrew the orange handles and pop them in the dishwasher! Don't forget to empty the ashtray when your Doori has fully cooled down and that's all the clean up required. Hours spent scrubbing away at stubborn grills are a thing of the past!

Easy to Transport

The whole Doori weighs only 15kg / 33lbs (including the skewers) and splits into smaller parts, making it easy to transport. It helps that it's light - the main parts are made from cast aluminium! We even tried it in the boot of a Mini Cooper - perfectly transportable even in smaller vehicles!

Cast from Aluminium

The main body of the Doori has been carefully crafted from cast aluminium, as it's lightweight and perfect for heat distribution. It allowed us to make the Doori into the optimum shape and build in patented features that allow the heat to flow evenly around the cooking chamber for consistent cooking.