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Doori Launch Bundle

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    • Powered by charcoal for an authentic smoky taste.
    • Reaches temperature of up to 400°C / 750°F.
    • Complete with six stainless-steel, diswasher-safe skewers.
    • Features a unique, patented design for even heat distribution.
    • Large cooking area, big enough to cook three whole chickens.
    • Easy assembly and disassembly, making it easy to transport!
    • Complete with the Accessories Bundle to kit your Doori out in style!
    • Accessories Bundle includes the Doori Weather Cover, Doori Cooking Apron, Doori Cooking Gloves and Doori Bottle Opener.
    The Doori Launch Bundle including the Doori Outdoor Cooker, the Doori Weather Cover, the Doori Cooking Gloves, the Doori Cooking Apron and the Doori Bottle Opener.
    The Doori Outdoor Cooker with six skewers.
    The Doori Weather Cover.
    The Doori Cooking Gloves.
    The Doori Cooking Apron.
    The Doori Bottle Opener.
    A hand holding a skewer of chicken over an open Doori Outdoor Cooker.
    A top shot of the Doori Outdoor Cooker with the lid on.
    Two men stood over the Doori Outdoor Cooker, one holding a beer and one wearing the Doori apron and gloves and holding a skewer of chicken.

    Product Details

    What's In The Box?

    1. Doori Body Upper Half
    2. Doori Body Lower Half
    3. 6 x Skewers
    4. 6 x Skewer Handles
    5. Lid
    6. 2 x Side Handles
    7. Charcoal Grill
    8. Ash Tray
    9. 3 x Legs
    10. Assembly Components
    11. 1 x Doori Weather Cover
    12. 1 x Doori Cooking Apron
    13. 1 x Doori Cooking Gloves (Pair)
    14. 1 x Doori Bottle Opener

    Technical Specifications

    Unboxed dimensions (incl. skewers): 93cm x 60cm x 44cm (36.6" x 23.6" x 17.3")

    Unboxed weight (incl. skewers): 15kg (33.0lbs)

    Skewer length: 61.0cm (24")

    Skewer cooking area: 36.5cm (14.4")

    Main materials include solid-cast aluminium, high-temperature reinforced nylon , 304-grade stainless steel and enamelled carbon steel.

    Legs can be removed for easy transportation.

    All technical specifications refer to the Doori Outdoor Cooker only. For individual Accessory specifications, please refer to the product pages.

    Shipping and Delivery

    Free mainland UK delivery on all orders containing a Doori Outdoor Cooker. For orders only containing Accessories or delivery outside of mainland UK, see shipping cost and options at the checkout. For more information. please see our delivery policy here.

    Orders shipped outside of the UK may be subject to import taxes and customs duties. Please check your country’s import fees before checking out.

    We accept returns within 60 days. You can find our return policy here.

    What makes the Doori incredible?

    Finally - outdoor cooking made easy!

    Featuring a unique, patented design to ensure food cooks quickly and evenly and a large enough capacity for hosting, we've carefully crafted every aspect of the Doori to create the ultimate outdoor cooking experience.

    With a whole host of accessories in the pipeline to expand the versatility of the Doori, the sky really is the limit!

    Customer Reviews

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    Game Changer!

    Since getting my Doori about a month ago, I've used it more in that time than I have my barbecue in the last few years. The food tastes amazing, cooks so well with no burning. The heat lasts for hours and the whole thing keeps great temperature.