Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cook naan in the Doori?

The number 1 most frequently asked question! The answer is not yet, simply because we don't want to encourage anyone to stick their hand inside a raging hot Doori as you would with a traditional tandoor! However, the Doori designers are busy developing an accessory which will allow you to cook naan safely and easily and possibly even pizzas! A range of other accessories that will extend the possibilities of what you can do with your Doori are also in the pipeline - the sky truly is the limit!

How do I stop food from slipping off the skewer?

We tried many different devices during our development, and we have yet to find anything better than the humble potato wrapped in foil. We tried metal devices and clamps but they were difficult to remove when hot and a pain to clean - sometimes the best ideas come from nature! Simply skewer a piece of foil-wrapped potato at the end of each skewer to stop food slipping off while cooking. By the way, we now season the potato as its nicely baked by the time the food is cooked!

What fuel does Doori use?

As purists of outdoor cooking, we designed the Doori to be used with charcoal. After it is properly lit, charcoal produces an intense heat with very little smoke which is perfect for the high heat temperatures that the Doori reaches. Of course you can only really get the lovely smoky flavour of outdoor cooking when using charcoal. We prefer good old fashioned lumpwood charcoal, but we have also used instant light briquettes for a quick mid-week cook.

What is the Doori made from?

The main body parts for the Doori are hand cast from 100% aluminium and then coated with a durable, heat-resistant protective finish. All food contact parts such as the skewers are made from stainless steel and the handles are injection moulded from high-temperature nylon reinforced with glass fibre.

Is the Doori only for Indian tandoori food?

Our Doori story started off just like this, but cooking food on skewers is as old as man. If you can skewer it then you can cook it in the Doori. Not just in India, but most world cuisines, from Japanese Yakatori chicken to Greek pork souvlaki utilise some form of cooking on a skewer. We’ll be adding recipes and video guides on our website as well as advice and tips for using the Doori but we are really excited to see what our new Doori users cook up!

How many skewers does the Doori come with?

The Doori will come with six skewers. Each one is made from 2mm thick stainless steel and with an optimal width of 7mm, which is ideal for most foods. We’ll be adding different types of skewers to extend the versatility of the Doori in the coming months.

Can I cook burgers in the Doori?

During our trials, we have ’squeezed’ burger mince onto the skewers like a kebab, but we will eventually be offering a BBQ grill plate that can be fixed onto the lower half of the Doori. This will allow you to use the Doori like a conventional BBQ.

Is the Doori easy to clean?

Cleaning is easy - the only parts in contact with food are the skewers and these are made from stainless steel. Just use a conventional dish-washing liquid and a scourer, or simply pop them into the dishwasher after unscrewing the handles. When the Doori has cooled down, the ash is easily emptied by the lift-out ash tray. The main body can be wiped clean with soapy water (again after it has cooled down!).

How much does the Doori weigh?

Including the skewers, lid, charcoal grate and ash tray, the whole Doori weighs in at a svelte 15kg or 33lbs. Easy to move around (when cold!) and light enough to transport wherever you go!

Can I use any other fuel other than charcoal in the Doori?

The Doori is only designed to be used with charcoal so please don't attempt to use any other fuel such as wood logs during your cooking sessions! If you need any help or advice on how to load and light your Doori, check out our handy guide!

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